About AYF

Established in 2017, Asia Pacific Youth Development Foundation (AYF) is dedicated to advancing youth’s future by connecting, inspiring and elevating young people in Hong Kong and beyond.

AYF provides forward-looking skills training, social impact internship programs, and Asia-Pacific youth exchange initiatives for young people. This helps to enhance the practical skills, attitudes, and career aspirations of the youth, while also broadening their horizons.

We have also brought together young professionals from diverse backgrounds to share their knowledge and experiences with the participants. This facilitates knowledge sharing, cross-sector collaboration, and creates more learning opportunities for the youth. 

Message from the Co-Founders

The Asia Pacific region has progressed rapidly over the past years, attaining economic prosperity and technological advancement. Meanwhile, there remains a yawning wealth gap between the haves and have-nots. The economic disparity has limited the opportunities that could be accessed by the poorer end of the spectrum.

Therefore, we envision a sustainable future built by concerted youth efforts, hence we are committed to fostering knowledge transfer and building partnerships to harness the full potential of young people, elevate their leadership strengths, and ultimately narrow the opportunities gaps.

Our Mission

Core Values