Our Work

Established in 2017, Asia Pacific Youth Development Foundation (AYF) is dedicated to advancing youth’s future by connecting, inspiring and elevating young people in Hong Kong and beyond.

AYF connects youth with like-minded peers and impactful leaders to bridge the gap between academia and industry; and make knowledge, skills and networks that are essential to future professionals more accessible.

Future Impact Leaders Programme 2023 in Singapore and Malaysia

AYF catalyses vision-broadening experiences and skills training for our youth to prepare for the future economy, and advanced a deeper understanding of the regional shift of economic and social development.

AYF identifies and elevates the profiles of young leaders and groom them locally and regionally. We set to provide a platform, where innovative spirits can come and learn from one another, to join hands in creating positive impacts and changes to our communities as future leaders.

Advancing Youth's Future

We envision a sustainable future built by concerted youth efforts, hence we are committed to fostering knowledge transfer and building partnerships to harness the full potential of young people, elevate their leadership strengths, and ultimately narrow the opportunities gaps.