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About Us

Young Influencer Lab is a pre-incubation and innovation training programme designed for aspirational changemakers to build up their project portfolio and accelerate their impact journey. We welcome project ideas to co-create social impact in education, community support or youth development.

From Insights to Impact

From equipping our fellows with knowledge and skills, providing the academic insights to real world problems, to providing the mentorship, funding and other support necessary to take the projects off the ground.

At the Young Influencer Lab, you will be building up your project portfolio with a project grant from the AYF alongside the support from our team and the experienced mentors from various industries in the region. 

What do we offer?

Specialised Advice

Tailored guidance from our experienced mentors specialising in SDG, social innovation, community, funding applications, project management and more!

Resources Support

Discounted workspaces or event spaces, networking, marketing support, media line-up, impact measurement etc!

Solution Development

Dedicated support in prototyping ideas, social collaboration and opportunity to engage with community stakeholders!

Open for Application

2021 Cohort - Selection Criteria

Passion and perseverance

We believe that great impact comes with a combination of commitment and consistency, and we love to work with people who share similar values and visions.

Problem Analysis

We are looking for a precise identification and analysis of an important and pressing problem that you are eager to tackle.

Understanding of the Issue

We wish to see a clear awareness of whether and when similar solutions have been trialled in the past - and if so, why they were successful or how they can be improved.

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Be part of our change-maker community!

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