[Innovative Youth Project] Museum of Epic Failures

To align with the worldwide educational trend and to equip youngsters with greater resilience against adversity, AYF (the Foundation) has organized an innovative youth project – Museum of Epic Failures – to give young people a correct understanding of life values and cultivate positive attitudes towards life, and organized a public exhibition from 26 May 2019 to 7 June 2019 in Youth Square Hong Kong.

Over the past months, our team has collected 100 stories from various sectors and age groups in Hong Kong, including students, startups, educators, NGO founders, athletic coach etc, and selected 50 featured stories to highlight the importance of resilience against adversity.

Breaking through the traditional definition, we regard failure as a progressive experimentation, which allows us to move towards something remarkable. We also believe that we can learn from the ancient wisdom and Chinese traditional values on how to embrace failures and adversity.

We would also like to thanks our media friends for featuring our project, and our project sponsors, venue and marketing partners and all other friends who have contributed to the success of this “failure” project.

Established in 2017, AYF (Asia Pacific Youth Development Foundation) is a non-profit making organization with a mission to equip young leaders in the APAC region with new visions and skill sets, and also we are set to provide a platform where innovative spirits can come across and learn from the vast experiences of creating positive impacts on the world.