Our Works

Established in 2017, Asia Pacific Youth Development Foundation (the AYF) is a nonprofit organisation that focuses on youth development and social innovation in Asia.

AYF aims to collaborate with stakeholders to bridge the gap between academia and industry; and make knowledge, skills and networks that are essential to future professionals more accessible. By providing youth with resources and opportunities to co-create and accelerate impact programmes, AYF connects youth with like-minded peers and impactful leaders; and celebrates forward-looking knowledge and insights.

Our Featured Programmes

Future Leaders Programme

“AYF Future Leaders Programme” catalyses vision-broadening experience and skills training for our youth to prepare for the future economy.

RTHK CIBS Programme

Participating in the RTHK CIBS’s programme, AYF advanced a deeper understanding of the regional shift of economic and social development.

AYF Thursday Dialogue

AYF Thursday Dialogue serves as a collaboration platform for our members who strive to learn from others and establish friendship for social good.

Our Incubated and Supported Programmes

Museum of Epic Failures