[Event Review] Exploring Community Relations in Digital Age

While many community organisations have recognised the urging need to open up online channels to offer services, but most of them are stuck in a lack of skills and resources. Recently, a new media organisation has developed a new model to collaborate social projects and community works which may be a solution to the problem.

This time, we have invited HK01’s marketing director and their community relations team to share their latest development. They told us that HK01 has gone beyond the traditional media role. In addition to their powerful digital platforms for marketing, they also offer various solutions to campaign organising, including ticketing system, RSVP as well as e-commerce platform. Recently, they are also organizing their first bazaar in Kwun Tong with e-payment activated, aiming to provide a fresh online to offline experience to Hong Kong people.

What is AYF Thursday Dialogue

AYF Thursday Dialogue is an initiative of Asia Pacific Youth Development Foundation (AYF) to connect and facilitate communications and collaborations with our like-minded folks to learn from the vast experiences of creating positive impacts on the world.

How we are different?

In AYF, we truly believe that communications, connections and collaborations are the way towards our co-shaped future, hence we strive to provide a truly interactive environment for us to learn about each other in a deeper manner. Everytime, we will carefully select our participants from diverse backgrounds to ensure that the event will be fun and inspiring.

And what is AYF?

Established in late 2017, Asia Pacific Youth Development Foundation (AYF) is set to provide a platform where innovative spirits can come across and learn from the vast experiences of creating positive impacts on the world.

Last year, we have supported different programmes including TEDxChaterRoad, as well as a RTHK’s community broadcasting radio programme on technology and innovation. We firmly believe that the power of our community is with all of us, and we wish to continue to connect and cultivate social change agents across the Asia Pacific region.Let’s work together for our future community!