[Event Review] Exclusive Visit to Jay Lau’s DEF Boxing Centre

“You can say I am nervous, but I think I am excited!”

Some reporters love to ask the athletes whether they are “nervous” before the competition. Jay said, “Both feeling nervous and being excited mean sweating, hand-shaking and heart-beating.

But what’s the difference between them? The difference is whether you love your work or not!” Last year, during the TEDx event, Jay Lau Chi Yuen, a boxing promoter and coach, shared his exciting journey of ups and downs on how he came to the organiser of the biggest boxing game ever in Hong Kong.

This time, in AYF Thursday Dialogue, Jay further shared his way of thinking and his business insights of the boxing sports industry. While many people might recognise Jay as the coach of Rex Tso, the “Wonder Kid” of Hong Kong who won numerous boxing competitions, Jay is actually more than a coach. He is an entrepreneur who turned his passion for boxing into business executions.

During the AYF event, Jay told us that he is now having 3 major types of business, which cover the areas of boxing centres, sports promotion and professional athlete training. They are inter-related in a sense that they are all relevant to sports, but in the meantime, they are also independent disciplines, in which their nature and business models are totally different.

From opening retail sport centres to offering professional trainings, and from offering professional training to organising large-scale sports event, Jay has invested much time and money to work on the idea “Hong Kong can do professional boxing”, which was an insane thought years ago. Jay has persisted throughout the years, and survived from many failures. “Do what you enjoy, stick with your passion.”

After all, it is about one’s determination. There is no winning or losing at a single point, instead, it is a long journey, where all experiences are counted. Thanks Jay again for sharing his real life stories. Let’s move on together!