Education is the best gift to children

According to a study by the World Economic Forum and The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the education gap is widening during the pandemic, as students in grassroots households are not getting adequate support. Inequality in education is becoming critical.

In fact, after over a year of outbreak, classes have been suspended a lot of times. Despite community efforts in donating computers, some children and families are still having a hard time to obtain one. With the help of kind-hearted individuals and organisations, we have successfully provided around 50 computers to students in grassroots households, so as to assist them in their studies.

At the same time, AYF has earlier launched a social innovation nurturing programme, the Young Influencer Lab. #D-Generation, one of the teams in the programme, is now engaging in a “community mentorship programme”, where ethnic minority volunteers will be English speaking companions of students in grassroots households. The volunteers would guide the students to understand the world and multiculturalism through general and cultural topics. This may help improve students’ interest in learning and language skills, hopefully alleviating the situation of inadequate schooling during the pandemic.

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