D-Generation welcomed its Cohort 5’s students

In recent years, there has been growing attention to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in society. At the same time, due to the pandemic, there are increasing opportunities gaps for students with the reduced opportunities for interpersonal connections and communication.

While some schools were able to quickly adapt and provide their students with online classes, many students, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, lacked access to the necessary technology, internet connectivity, and other resources needed to participate in remote learning effectively. This has resulted in a widening opportunity gap between those who have access to quality education and those who do not.

D-Generation (DGen) tackles this opportunity gap by providing young people with opportunities for personal and professional development through their Community Innovators Scheme. Through this Scheme, DGen empowers young people with the skills and knowledge they need to make positive changes in their communities and overcome the challenges they face.

Recently, the DGen’s team welcomed its fifth cohort of its community education program, with over 30 new talents joining. This program provides young people with opportunities to collaborate with various social impact organizations while developing their personal skills and abilities. It’s worth mentioning that half of them will have the opportunity to experience their first internship since the COVID-19 pandemic, which is an exciting and transformative experience for them.

In addition, the DGen’s team has intentionally incorporated more interactive elements into the training program, allowing participants to have the opportunity to get to know other students and engage in deeper conversations. This fosters a sense of community and helps to build connections between young people from diverse backgrounds. the DGen’s team believes that everyone has the power to make a difference, and their community education program provides young people with a platform to achieve that. Whether you’re interested in joining their program or volunteering, there are many ways to participate and support their mission of youth empowerment and community building.