Empowering the Next Generation: A Transformative Career Workshop

In today’s competitive job market, university students face hurdles in job hunting. Limited work experience, a lack of industry connections, and fierce competition are all the factors that pose challenges for them.

On 25 August 2023, the AYF and DGen’s team joined PEME, ILM, YEE2 to organise a career workshop for youth to explore their future career development.

Career workshops play a vital role in addressing these hurdles and helping university students succeed. These workshops offer insights into industry trends, guidance on CV creation, interview preparation, and networking opportunities. Attending workshops enhances skills, boosts confidence, expands professional networks, and increases employability.

During the workshop, the HR director shared expert knowledge and provided practical guidance on crafting compelling CVs. Students learned how to effectively showcase their skills and experiences, enabling them to stand out in a competitive job market. Moreover, the inclusion of the MBTI test is beneficial to participants in gaining a deeper understanding of their individual strengths and preferences, which will undoubtedly aid them in making informed career choices.

By staying updated on industry trends, learning effective CV writing techniques, and honing interview skills, we hope the participating students can position themselves better in the market, and more importantly, to get better equipped with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary for their future success.