Dan Cheung from AYF Wins Grand Prize in HKU-UBS SSILP

On 22 September 2023, our co-founder Dan Cheung won the grand prize of the HKU-UBS Sustainable and Social Innovation Leadership Programme (SSILP) together with his partner Till Kraemer from Inter Cultural Education (ICE) for the D-Generation programme among 28 social projects from local NGOs/social enterprises in Hong Kong.

The awarded project, D-Generation: Impact Career Programme, aims to build a impact career platform that offers all-in-one social impact solutions to empower underprivileged yet motivated youths aged 18-24 who are non-university students (e.g. currently in associate degree programmes or vocational trainings) to gain access to intensive career development through training, network building and practical work experience, gradually cultivating the concerned youth for an impactful career. The OSC Funding supports the projects’ consolidation stage.

The HKU-UBS Sustainable and Social Innovation Leadership Programme (SSILP) is co-led by the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong and investment bank UBS.

For more details of the programme, please refer to the SSILP website: https://www.ssilp.hk/